Our Model

ASA Microfinance (Tanzania) Limited has its own model of microfinance services which is called “ASA Cost Effective Microfinance Model”. The model has affordable microfinance solution for poor men and women who wants to engage with income generating activities and who wants to broaden current status of business.

The model offers certain advantages when compared to other microfinance models, allowing the organization to become more cost-effective at a lower comparative risk. The salient features of this model are:

The delegation of authority to field level (branches) and minimum administrative tiering ensure an active participation of all staff, continuous monitoring, quick decisions making and an efficient management of funds.

All operations are standardized – from loan disbursement and repayments to record keeping and accounting procedures. Cash flows become predictable and overhead costs are minimized. A transparent and easy to understand manuals complements this to enable the rapid expansion of the operations

The office also serves as accommodation for the staff. This allows staff to be deployed away from their residence and therefore security becomes a reduced concern, since all staff ensures the well- functioning of the Branch and the safety of the funds left in the office overnight.

Accounting, bookkeeping and reporting are completed through pre-designed formats available for all branches following the ASA model. This non-conventional system is easy and transparent which allows for the loan officers simultaneously to be an accountant, cashier and office assistant.

There are three mid-level layers of management in the field that supervise and monitor the respective areas

The staffs live and work together, supervising each other and ensuring the branch has the best performance. Furthermore, clients are visited in the groups and individually. Therefore, problems and needs of the clients are quickly identified and changes in the rules, procedures and regulations are rapidly shared and put in practice

Any Complain?

For any kind of complain or suggestions, please feel free to contact us

I started planting hair and doing makeup at home as a hobby, but I decided to turn it into business in late 2013, as number of my customer kept growing
I’ve bought some working gear for my Saloon, rented a room for it and bought cosmetics and dreadlocks”, she says ‘my life has improved and my children are pursuing their studies well, all this is due to the loan that I have being receives from ASAMTL via Dhamira group. Through ASA my dream comes true being an entrepreneur was my long-term dream
I passes through diferrent loan cycle under ASA Microfinance Tanzania Ltd (ASAMTL), Mwananyamala 01 Branch where I currently under third cycle loan of Principal amont 800,000/=.

Sharifa Amri Katumali
Mwananyamala Branch 1, Dar es salaam