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I started planting hair and doing makeup at home as a hobby, but I decided to turn it into business in late 2013, as number of my customer kept growing
I’ve bought some working gear for my Saloon, rented a room for it and bought cosmetics and dreadlocks”, she says ‘my life has improved and my children are pursuing their studies well, all this is due to the loan that I have being receives from ASAMTL via Dhamira group. Through ASA my dream comes true being an entrepreneur was my long-term dream
I passes through diferrent loan cycle under ASA Microfinance Tanzania Ltd (ASAMTL), Mwananyamala 01 Branch where I currently under third cycle loan of Principal amont 800,000/=.

Sharifa Amri Katumali
Mwananyamala Branch 1, Dar es salaam