Group Based Small Loan

These small loans are given to women who engage in micro-entrepreneurial activities centered around their households to either augment the existing income or improve their living conditions

ASA Microfinance  provide attractive, diversified, affordable and dependable financial services to the active poor in a timely and competitive manner, that would enable them to undertake and develop long-term sustainable entrepreneurial activities.


  • Loan range 400,000/= - 600,000/=
  • Loan range 650,000/= - 900,000/=
  • Loan range 950,000/= -2,000,000/=

We ensure Capital Capacity building to small Business Entrepreneurs, so that we support Government on His mission of Empower women and alleviate Poverty among society .

Documents required for Small Loan (Group Based) disbursement(Nakala zinazohitajika kwa ajili ya kupata mkopo “mkopo mdogo wa kikundi”)

  1. Filled up loan application form accurately with all kinds of address and communication information
    (Fomu ya maombi ya mkopo ambayo imejazwa vizuri kuhusu taarifa zote za mteja)
  2. Local government letter
    (Barua ya utambulisho wa mteja kutoka serikali ya mtaa anaoishi )
  3. Client’s copy of voter Id
    (Nakala ya kitambulisho cha mpiga kura cha mteja)
  4. 04 passport size photographsof client
    (Picha ndogo nne za mteja)
  5. Two guarantors from the group
    (Wadhamini wawili kutoka kwenye kikundi)
  6. Two guarantors from relatives i.e husband/father/brother/mother/sister/son/daughter who are matured enough aged 22 years and above as well as engaged with income generating activities.
    (Mteja anatakiwa  awe na wadhamini wawili(2) ambao wataweka sahihi zao kwenye fomu ya maombi ya mkopo; wanatakiwa kuwa ndugu wa mteja kama vile mume/mke/baba/mama/kaka/dada/mtoto ambaye anaumri wa miaka ishirini na mbili (22) na kuendelea, na pia awe anajishughulisha na biashara/ au shughuli yoyote ya kiuchumi)
  7. Copy of any government ID and photograph of all guarantors.
    (Nakala za vitambulisho vya wadhamini wa mteja na picha ndogo zao)
  8. Tenant clients have to ensure the landlord as a guarantor
    (Mteja aliyepanga lazima adhaminiwe na mmiliki wa nyumba yake)
  9. All photocopies of the required documents will be attested by the respective loan officer and the respective client also will sign on the documents
    (Nakala zote za vitambulisho vya mteja, wadhamini, biashara na makazi vinabidi visibitishwe na afisa mikopo, na Mteja anatakiwa kuweka sahihi kwa kila nakala)

Our Unique Features

ASA Microfinance (T) Limited achieved sustainability within a couple of years since the beginning of its microfinance program. The innovative policies of the management and cost effective approach in all program aspects were key to make it possible to attain sustainability within the shortest possible time. Besides, strong determination of the management was also an important factor for attaining self-sufficiency with a steady growth. The following features are the key of ASA’s innovative management that facilitated attaining remarkable success of the organization.


  •  Dynamic and forward-looking leadership
  •  Self-explanatory written working manual
  •  Decentralization and delegation of authority to the branch level officials and participatory process in decision making
  • Specialization in microfinance and rapid expansion policy
  • Transparent and faster recruitment procedure
  • On-the-job training approach (Each one teach one method)
  • Simple and cost-effective branch structure without a professional accountant
  •  Simple and least hierarchical organization
  •  Easy and close communication among officials as well as between officials and clients
  •  Continuous onsite and offsite monitoring and supervision from both central and field levels

ASA’ unique cost-effective method helps a new branch to earn an adequate income to be self-reliant within 6 months of its inception: Self-sufficiency of a Branch: The Key Factors :-

  •  Staff members are selected quickly equipping through short and on-the-job practical training.
  •  The branch office structure is standardized and accommodated with adequate but simple furniture.
  •   Branch expenditure is standardized with set cost ceilings.
  •   A high number of borrowers, high portfolio per Loan Officer and high fund-revolving rate minimize total fund requirement.
  •   Simple and standardized accounting procedures.
  •   No extra full-time office assistant, technical personnel or security guard.
  •  Borrowers are monitored and scrutinized by the Branch Manager.
  •  Staff members provide ASA with a security deposit (earn interest).
  •  Joint signature required for withdrawal from branch’s bank account.
  •  Required daily withdrawal is allowed.
  •  Cheques are preserved jointly by different Loan Officers.
  •  Cash book is maintained by Loan Officers on a revolving basis.
  • Loan Officers rotate groups after a year.
  •  Zonal and District Managers are based in the field.
  •  Central and Senior Officials staff visit field regularly.
  •  Regular internal audit.
  •  Annual external audit.
  • Occasional and surprise branch visits by the President and the other senior officers of the organization.
  •  Automated A/C, MIS, generated by ASA microfinance management system (AMMS).
  •  AMMS is a home-grown system developed in-house by its IT experts.
Any Complain?

For any kind of complain or suggestions, please feel free to contact us

I started planting hair and doing makeup at home as a hobby, but I decided to turn it into business in late 2013, as number of my customer kept growing
I’ve bought some working gear for my Saloon, rented a room for it and bought cosmetics and dreadlocks”, she says ‘my life has improved and my children are pursuing their studies well, all this is due to the loan that I have being receives from ASAMTL via Dhamira group. Through ASA my dream comes true being an entrepreneur was my long-term dream
I passes through diferrent loan cycle under ASA Microfinance Tanzania Ltd (ASAMTL), Mwananyamala 01 Branch where I currently under third cycle loan of Principal amont 800,000/=.

Sharifa Amri Katumali
Mwananyamala Branch 1, Dar es salaam